Guillaume BUREL's Homepage (Guillaume Burel's photo)

Some Informations about these Pages


These pages were generated with this wonderful tool named CDuce which permits to do XML documents transformations that are guaranteed by typing. All the pages of the site are static (no use of javascript or PHP), and that gives a true meaning to their certification.

You can get the sources of this site. After uncompressing, just type make to build it.


These pages use the full power of the CSS, which allows to separate the content of a page from its representation in a browser. It is possible that they display very poorly in Internet Explorer, which until now implemented these specifications only partly or badly. In this case, I recommend you to use the empty style sheet. Some of the style sheets use advanced functions of the CSS, such as the automatic numeration, and that explain why for instance article is not so good displayed by Safary.

For those who use a truly graphical browser (because, of course, there will not be many differences on lynx), here are the different style sheets that can be used with these pages: