Module Coloring

module Coloring: sig .. end

Coloring of pseudo-registers

type decision = 
| Spill of int (*

the pseudo-register is spilled, the integer gives its position in the stack

| Color of Register.reg (*

the pseudo-register is affected to a real register


decision for one pseudo-register

type coloring 

abstract type for (partial) coloring

val empty : coloring

empty coloring

val add_color : Register.reg -> Register.reg -> coloring -> coloring

add_color r s c affects the pseudo-register r to the real register s in c

val add_spill : Register.reg -> coloring -> coloring

add_spill r c decides to spill the pseudo-register r in c

val find : Register.reg -> coloring -> decision

find r c finds the decision associated to r in the coloring c

val copy_color : Register.reg -> Register.reg -> coloring -> coloring

copy_color r s c copies the decision made for r in c to s

Printing functions
val print_dec : Stdlib.out_channel -> decision -> unit
val print_coloring : Stdlib.out_channel -> coloring -> unit